INTASC Standard #1
Knowledge of Subject Matter
    The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structure of the discipline(s) he or she teaches and can create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for students.
[Headings for INTASC standards are taken from -
Campbell, D.M. et al.  (1997).  How to develop a professional portfolio:  A manual for teachers.  Boston:  Allyn and Bacon.]
    The Music Educator must perhaps foremost understand his/her discipline, music.
    Music has been a substantially-growing part of my life since elementary school.  Most recently, I have had the privilege of studying music full-time as a student at Ball State University.  At that institution, a fully-accredited School of Music, I participated in a myriad of courses, ensembles, and musical experiences all of which greatly improved my comprehensive musicianship.  
    The ‘Knowledge of Subject Matter’ Standard reminds us why it must be a musician who is hired to teach music.  
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Artifact 1-1: Resource Review for Elementary General Music
        This resource review is designed to serve as a reminder and         general list of books and other helpful materials available to me as a general music instructor.  It demonstrates that I can identify valuable music resources, especially those related to education, and that I am capable of finding resources when I want to augment my personal musical knowledge.
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Artifact 1-2: Summary and Reflective Essay on a chapter from “Teaching Music through Performance in Band”
        A reflection on an assigned reading from the famous book for instrumental music educators, volume 1.  There are so many good resources in this single volume alone!  For example, this book includes articles and essays on music, music education, and conducting from world-renown music educators such as Eugene Corporon and Tim Lautzenheiser.  The musical insight that I gain from resources such as that to which I am responding in this Artifact raise my musicianship to great heights.
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